Comparing Energy Bars & A Resistance Band Workout

When I was struggling with bulimia and binge eating disorder, every day usually looked the same: I'd get up, have a very small breakfast and then rely on coffee to keep me going throughout the day. I'd try to go as long as possible without eating in order to make up for the binge that took place the night before. This inevitably led me to eat every single thing I could get my hands on every evening around 6 o'clock, leaving me bloated, full of self-loathing and depressed the next morning. 

Once I made the decision to recover, the number one tool that helped me--and I continue to use today--was making sure that I ate a few hundred calories every 2-3 hours. For years, I literally set a timer on my phone that would go off every three hours, and no matter where I was, I made sure that I put a few hundred calories of food in my mouth! I've found that by eating snacks and smaller meals throughout the day, I'm never too hungry and my blood sugar levels stay stable.

In this week's video, I compare a few nutrition bars--Clif Bars, Clif Builder's Protein, RX Bars and Lara Bars--that I have eaten every day for the past few years and give my take on what's great and not-so-great about these bars. 

Resistance Band Workout

1. Squats with medicine ball (I am using a 10lb ball here) 12 x 4
2. Side shuffles with oblique twists 12 x4 (shuffles per side); 16 x 4 (twists per side)
3. Side leg kicks with ball overhead 12 x 4
4. Hamstring kicks with  ball 12 x 4
5. 1-minute core x 4: 15 sec two feet; 15 sec on right foot; 15 sec two feet; 15 sec on left foot